All vetoquinol products

  • Epakitin is a highly palatable phosphate binder that helps support normal kidney function in dogs and cats.

  • EPIC® Calf Electrolyte is an oral electrolyte replenisher to support calves during periods of scours. Highly palatable and can be mixed with milk or milk replacer.

  • Targeted immunoglobulins (igY) for immune support in calves in a highly palatable paste.

  • EPIC® Calf Scour is specifically formulated to provide immunoglobulins (IgY), electrolytes, and energy to support calves during periods of stress or scours.

  • EPIC® DAILY is a feed supplement that helps support the immune system, the respiratory tract and the intestinal tract of your horses.

  • Targeted immunoglobulins (igY) for immune support in foals in a highly palatable paste.

  • The Equalizer removes stains and eliminates odor due to feces, urine, vomit, blood, food, etc. Works on rugs and floors and is self cleaning, requires no scrubbing. Just spray and spots disappear.

  • This medium was developed at Colorado State University for collection of oocytes and other in vitro procedures. The medium has been modified to be ideal for holding equine embryos after collection.

  • Equine Lavage Catheter

    Ideal for embryo collection and general uterine lavage.

  • EQUISTRO® Flexadin UC-II®

    FLEXADIN UC-II® promotes cartilage development and joint health at the immunologic level. Its unique, patented collagen ingredient interacts with the digestive system to support joint integrity. Once daily administration, backed by a comparison study in horses, improves flexibility, mobility, and physical activity.