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Fluorescent light energy application significantly improved the quality of life of owner and dogs

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (Nov. 8, 2023) – A new study published in the Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine showed successful healing of common dermatological conditions improved the quality of life of both dogs and their owners.1

Quicker healing can help improve the quality of life of both dogs and their owners by reducing time spent administering antibiotics or applying medications. Fluorescent light energy (FLE) has been proven to help speed healing time.2

Mixed Maremma Shepherd dog with acute
pyotraumatic dermatitis treated with fluorescent
light energy. (a) Enrollment visit; (b) Week 1.5​​​​​​

In the study, 35 dogs with deep pyoderma, interdigital furunculosis, pyotraumatic dermatitis, wounds, and perianal fistulas received two sessions of FLE once a week. Median treatment duration was:

· 9 weeks for perianal fistula

· 7 weeks for interdigital furunculosis

· 5 weeks for deep pyoderma

· 3 weeks for wounds

· 1.5 weeks for pyotraumatic dermatitis

Complete remission was observed in 86% of dogs using either FLE alone or FLE combined with topical antiseptic shampoo. Partial remission was documented in 14% of dogs using FLE combined with other therapies. Owners reported a 46% improvement in the time devoted to managing the pet’s disease.

“The additional care and resources required by owners to manage their pet’s skin conditions can be draining for the whole family,” noted Acacia Roman, DVM, Senior Technical Services Veterinarian, Vetoquinol USA. “Complicated, time-consuming protocols owners must follow at home inevitably lead to reduced compliance, which can lead to increased healing time. Incorporating FLE can help speed healing and make the whole family happier and healthy again.”

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  1. Mosca, M., Briand, A., Carrasco, I., Luciani, L. and Fantini, O. (2023) Impact of Fluorescent Light Energy on the Quality of Life of Dogs with Dermatologic Disease and Their Owners. Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 13, 122-135.
  2. Marchegiani, A., et al. (2021) The Effectiveness of Fluorescent Light Energy as Adjunct Therapy in Canine Deep Pyoderma: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Vet Med Int, 6643416.
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